Apple Extracts

Apple Extract polyphenols

100% pure apple fruit extract with NLT 75%&80% polyphenols by a proprietary mild extraction process, with powerful antioxidant properties, it’s mainly for fat loss, anti aging.

Apple Extract Procyanidin B2

NLT 5%&10% Apple-derived Procyanidin B-2 extracted from green apples.After studying over 1,000 botanical extracts and conducting clinical trials with double-blind studies, the results were quite conclusive that apple procyanidin B-2 is effective for regrowing hair, it’s your best choice for hair care products.

Apple Extract Phloridzin

With 50%&90% phloridzin extracted from apple peel, it’s a natural flavonoids that block glucose absorption amazingly. With extreme antioxidative effect,it can help and increase success rate in the treatment of various conditions such as eyes health, asthma, heart and cardiovascular system, and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, also known as the “young maker“ in anti-aging research.