Plant Proteins

Fava Bean Protein

With NLT 85% Protein Extracted from US Non-GMO Fava Bean, we are the first one to launch this protein in China, it’s with good taste, the taste is the best among all the plant protein, which makes it very suitable for protein drinks, just try it, you will love it!

Mung Bean Protein

With NLT 75% Protein Extracted from Australia Non-GMO Mung Bean using 100% natural process, our Mung Bean Protein Isolate is the newest source of protein that offers you a complete range of amino acid profile. Recent studies show that MPI may improve the plasma lipid profile by normalizing insulin sensitivity and reduce plasma triglyceride level in our body. It can be used as clean label protein supplement and also shows promise as a nutritional and functional ingredient in many foods like meat products, noodles, quick-frozen meat products, milk and drinks.

Almond Protein Powder

With 50%-55% protein, 100% pure natural powder extracted from Prunus armeniaca. L, through spray drying technology, without any additive. This product riches in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, inorganic salts, dietary fiber and micronutrients required by the human body. It is FDA registered, HACCP, ISO22000 and ISO9001 certified. It’s perfect for people who want an ethical and healthier alternative to dairy-laden powders.

Pumpkin Seeds Protein Powder

With over 60% premium vegetarian protein from pumpkin seeds which is Rich in phosphorus, magnesium and manganese and is also a good source of other minerals including zinc, iron and copper, it’s good choice for your free-from products.