Antarctic Krill Oil & Powder

Antarctic Krill Oil

Our Pure Antarctic Krill Oil sourced from Antarctic krill with total phospholipids up to 20%, 40% and 45%, is grown wild in the cold, unpolluted seas surrounding Antarctica and is thus free from mercury, heavy metals, and other toxins that hound your family’s safety. It provides multi-system and brain health benefits with Omega-3 oils DHA, EPA and powerful antioxidants and much better absorption than fish oil and without the aftertaste, side effects, or pollutants from fish sources.

Antarctic Krill Oil Powder

Our Antarctic Krill Oil Powder is produced by microencapsulation technology using the 20% Antarctic Krill Oil as raw material. The powder form makes it easier for application and storage than oil. It’s 100% water soluble. It can be widely used in health care products, food and pharmaceutical products, especially for new applications such as beverage and drinks.