About Us

ABERNUTRA  is committed to providing the food

nutrition & beauty industry with quality ingredients,

we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards

and provide a new level of supply chain

transparency for your convenient risk assessment,

our philosophy is “no quality, no business”, we will

always keep 0 record of quality complaint from

customers. Our goal is to be the most professional

& reliable global ingredient supplier.

We just supply the ingredients which we ensure the quality. For AberNutra Brand ingredients We control the production

from the raw material to final product, each raw material used in production, the type of production machine, the

package used are all under Abernutra’s audit and well recorded. For AberNutra strong ingredient and other ingredients we supply, we fully investigated the producer we choose firstly test the samples in advance and keep all documents

and pre-shipment samples to ensure that quality is never compromised We provide full transparency of the

manufacturing process to our customers in order to assure our ingredients meet their expectations and give our

customers the confidence to offer high end value-added products. In addition, regulatory documentation is provided

to help our customers determine whether the materials meet their needs.

The ingredient supply chain grows more challenging every year. We are dedicated to managing this complexity. We

believe we will be your most trusted and reliable supply chain partner to meet your own quality expectations.Quality

Guarantee, Quality Always meets your expectations.